Fuad Aliyev

The founder of the ZehinX channel

Fuad Aliyev is a serial entrepreneur living in Ireland who is originally from Azerbaijan. Thinking over how to help people of his country to change their way of thinking and improve life standards, Fuad decided to use the power of youtube videos and communicate his ideas to large audiences through them. For the purpose of making people’s lives better, he first started the motivational channel ZehinX in Azerbaijani in 2017. Following the short-term success, its versions in other languages OpitX (Russian), ZihinX (Turkish) and SabioX (Spanish) were created. All the related channels got huge success by influencing the lives of most people in a very short period and most of the videos got million+ views. Now, the channels have 1.6+ million subscribers and 58 million views from different countries and nations (just on YouTube), only with 49 videos in total. Fuad is also a motivational speaker (recent TedX Speaker), a business mentor who also runs different multi-million-dollar businesses in data analysis, digital advertising, animated video industries along with YouTube projects. His videos are being used by some ministries and government bodies, large companies, universities and schools in Russia, in some Central Asian countries (e.g. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc), Turkey and Azerbaijan to motivate students and employees. Fuad studied in 3 countries: Azerbaijan, the USA and Ireland and got a strong skillset of marketing, sales, digital marketing and management. Apart from professional life, he is a beatboxer, singer and guitar player.

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Fuad Aliyev


for the better life...

We have 4 channels in 4 languages that target followers from different countries. They are Zehinx in Azerbaijani, ZihinX in Turkish, OpitX in Russian, SabioX in Spanish. One of these channels (ZehinX) was first created by Fuad Aliyev in 2017 in Azerbaijani, then was translated into Russian, Turkish and Spanish languages. It was planned to expand to all over the world to make the world a better place. Videos of these channels influence people’s lives covering various important aspects of life including business, career, finance, emotions, psychology and spirituality as well as summaries of most important personal growth books. The main idea for these channels was to create inspirational and motivational videos aiming to improve people’s lives. The reason behind the success of these videos in all languages & locations, is being fully realistic, practical and being able to cover all the questions that may arise in the same videos.

Subscribers: 139K Videos: 47 Views: 5.1M
Subscribers: 409K Videos: 34 Views: 20.8M
Subscribers: 319K Videos: 57 Views: 15M
Subscribers: 1.5M Videos: 87 Views: 75.5M
Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out more people and influence them with our videos and to make their lives better. Sometimes it becomes so hard to tell the people what you see even the closest ones. The idea of making videos which would explain people how to make their lives better came out from this passion. The passion of opening people’s eyes to see the true reasons behind their problems. In this regard we also prepare videos containing core ideas of famous inspirational books for letting people to have a clue about how to make better choices in their lives.

Our Vision

Considering ourselves as a world citizen, we aim to be useful to every human being on earth. More or less, our channels should touch to the lives of every person around the world in a good way. For this purpose, we aim to increase the number of channels to the new languages we have never broadcasted before, such as: Arabic, French, Portuguese, Chinese, etc. Our new channel project in arabic will recently be launched. By creating this channel, we aim to reach out Arabic speakers which are the biggest part of the world population, approximately 390 million. We will always keep working on new projects and ideas.

Our Inspiration

Our greatest inspiration is receiving messages from the people around the world with the different backgrounds, saying that their lives have changed a lot by the impact of our videos. Seeing progress in their lives encourages us more to prepare new videos with new ideas and topics which will help our followers to improve themselves and never give up on trying to achieve their life goals. In the end, the better world is possible with the happy and self-accomplished people.

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2.4M All Subscribers
225 All Videos
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